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One of the most important parts of an outdoor wardrobe is the collection of shoes and footwear that you have for your adventures. The different kinds of activities that you are going to do will affect what kind of shoes you need to have at your disposal. That is why we here at Outdoorsupply have got a wide range of footwear available in all sorts of designs and models for men, women, and children from some of the best brands on the market. Whether a pair of sturdy walking boots or mountaineering boots, an airy pair of sandals, a waterproof pair of wellies, a durable pair of flip flops, or even more casual options, you will find everything you could possibly need right here at Outdoorsupply.

Walking Boots

A great pair of walking boots or shoes are perhaps the most essential pair of shoes for your outdoor adventures. Walking boots ensure that you can hike and trek for long periods of time without suffering from sore feet, blisters, or aches. The walking boots in our collection come from some of the best brands around, such as Hanwag, LOWA, or Grisport. Within this collection, you will also find a selection of mountaineering boots, which are walking boots that are specifically designed for challenging, mountainous terrain. If you aren't entirely sure about which boots to choose, have a look at our Best Walking Boots or Best Mountaineering Boots advice pages to find the perfect ones for you.

Trail Running Shoes

While walking boots are strong and sturdy, if you prefer to go on trail runs or more high speed adventures, then perhaps a better option for you are trail running shoes. Trail running shoes are lighter versions of walking shoes that offer you plenty of protection and comfort, while still enabling you to move quickly and swiftly along trails. That doesn't mean that these shoes can't be used for hiking, as they are ideally suited for less challenging and flat terrain. Choose from our collection of New Balance, LOWA, Salomon, Columbia, and other top trail running shoe brands, or take a look at our trail running advice page to find out which shoes are best for you.


Another vital part of your outdoor footwear collection is a strong, comfortable, and waterproof pair of wellington boots. Whether you live in an area with a lot of mud, such as the countryside, or perhaps near a farm, or whether you're just looking for a pair of boots to protect your feet on rainy days, a great pair of wellies will always be useful. In our assortment, you will find Hunter boots, Aigle boots, Le Chameau boots, Ilse Jacobsen boots, and so many more wellies from fantastic brands. These boots come in a wide range of designs, so you will find farming boots, fashion boots, and everything in between in our stunning collection of wellies.


It's also important to make sure that you have the right footwear for warmer weather. In our assortment of summery sandals and comfortable flip flops, you will find models that will ensure maximum comfort for your summer holidays, whether at home or on holiday. These sandals are specifically designed for outdoor adventures, so you can rest assured that your feet will be protected and comfortable. View our sandals and flip flops from brands like Teva, Columbia, O'Neill and so many more. Not quite sure what kind of outdoor sandals to go for? Then have a look at our advice page on choosing the best sandals for you.

Casual Shoes

If you're planning an extended trip, whether a camping trip, travelling to a certain continent for a few weeks, or backpacking, it's important to make sure that you also have footwear at your disposal that is more casual, as you won't be off trail running or hiking for every day of your trip. That's why we have also included a collection of shoes in our footwear assortment that are more casual, so as to complement our wide range of outdoor footwear. In this range you will find trainers, lighter weight boots, classic lace-ups, and other great shoes that will still protect your feet and feel very comfortable, but that are suitable for more casual wear.