All CamelBak Products

CamelBak was initially created in order to satisfy one of the basic but most important needs of man – water. CamelBak began producing a wide range of products that were designed to help you stay hydrated during your sporting feats and outdoor adventures. Since its formation, CamelBak has grown into one a favourite of sports enthusiasts for their high quality bottles, flasks, backpacks, and so much more. Find them all right here at Outdoorsupply.

CamelBak Water Bottle

Perhaps the brand’s most famous range of products, CamelBak bottles are made with innovative and fun designs and will ensure that you can always keep a drink with you, whether hiking, running, or simply going about your daily activities. CamelBak water bottles are available in all shapes and sizes, and in our collection you will find some of their most popular models, including the CamelBak Eddy, CamelBak Forge, and CamelBak Chute collections.

CamelBak Backpack

CamelBak is also very well-known for their compact sporty backpacks. CamelBak rucksacks are made so aid you optimally during your sporting ventures and outdoor activities, so they have all kinds of handy features. CamelBak bags offer space for water bottles, hydration systems, valuables, and other important items. The best feature of these bags is their compact, ergonomic designs, making them ideal for more active or intense sports.

CamelBak Flask

Another very popular product group in the CamelBak collection is their range of thermal bottles and flasks. These thermal flasks will help to ensure that your warm drinks stay warm and your cold drinks stay cold for hours at a time. That means that whether you want to take a warm mug of coffee with you or a cold, refreshing cup of water, you will still be able to enjoy your warm or cold beverage at the right temperature on the go!

CamelBak Water Bag

CamelBak is dedicated to producing high quality items that ensure that you can make the most of your outdoor and sporting adventures. In this collection, you will find our CamelBak bladder range. These water reservoirs can be easily inserted into a rucksack and ensure that you never have to stop what you’re doing to have a drink and re-hydrate. These bags are ideal for cycling, running, or other high-intensity sports. Browse our collection here!

CamelBak Water Bag Accessories

As well as offering a wide range of CamelBak water bags and water bottles, we also have a wide selection of accessories available that will help you make the most of your CamelBak water bags and bottles. Whether you need a replacement part, a handy drying rack, adapting systems, or anything else, you will find it in our extensive collection. Also be sure to read our CamelBak Cleaning advice page to extend the life of your water bag.