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A company born from one of the basic needs of man - drink. CamelBak keeps you hydrated when you're on your bike. Thanks to the 'outside the box' thinking combined with a functional design, CamelBak has spent years at the top in the cycling world. CamelBak serves to keep you hydrated. Whether you are looking for a travel bottle, mug or water bag, you can find it all at CamelBak.

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1 - 80 from 127

CamelBak UK

Anyone who participates in sports or outdoor activities knows how important it is to keep hydrated. Thus, the man behind CamelBak has ensured you can do this on your bike without using your hands. A revolution that is unparalleled to this day. Thanks to CamelBak, you can be your best self everyday.

CamelBak Water Bottle

Among CamelBak's brilliant range of products, their collection of water bottles stands out as particularly superb. In a wide range of models, sizes, materials, and colours, you are sure to find the perfect water bottle that suits your needs. Whether you need a bottle for taking to work, taking on a hike, or even for your child to take to school, you won't be disappointed with a CamelBak water bottle. Be sure to check out our collection of the popular CamelBak Eddy water bottles; a bright and beautiful selection of some of CamelBak's best bottles!

CamelBak Backpack

Also not to be overlooked are CamelBak's great range of rucksacks and backpacks. CamelBak offers compact, ergonomic backpacks, all fitted with handy extras. Most CamelBak rucksacks, for example, have built in drinking systems or drinking tubes, which means that you never have to stop to have a drink when on a hike. This brilliant range of bags is made up of diverse models and designs, each which are perfectly suited for your needs, whether you're a hiking, running, or doing any other outdoor sport.