Ski Clothing

Ski Jackets

Outdoorsupply has a wide range of ski jackets that will protect you during the winter from rain, snow, and the cold. Our ski jackets are available in different colours, designs, and sizes, and are from quality brands such as The North Face, Jack Wolfskin, and O'Neill. All of these ski jackets are made using the best materials and most modern technologies. Click here to view the entire collection.

Ski Socks

Warm ski socks are essential during the winter months. Outdoorsupply has a range of ski socks from brands like Falke, Sinner, and Barts. These ski socks are available in bright colours and designs, and have been designed with the ultimate comfort in mind. Furthermore, they provide adequate support while performing winter sports. Check out the range of ski socks at Outdoorsupply.

Ski Trousers

Ski trousers are an essential part of your ski equipment and outfit. Not only do ski trousers complete your outfit, but they also offer protection in wet and cold conditions. Outdoorsupply has ski trousers in different colours, materials, and from renowned brands like The North Face. These trousers also often feature handy extras, such as braces or snow catchers to prevent snow and water from getting in. See all of our ski trousers here.


Outdoorsupply has a wide range of warm winter hats and ski hats that are suitable not only for the slopes but also for other winter activities. The ski beanies at Outdoorsupply are stylish with a large variety of colours and designs. They also offer good protection from the cold, so that you can ski warmly and comfortably. Click here to view the entire range.


The gloves available at Outdoorsupply come in a large range of sizes, colours, and designs. With these gloves you can be reassured that your hands will stay warm during winter activities, which will only help you get the most out of your skiing trip by being as comfortable as possible. You will find gloves for everyday use as well as special ski gloves.

All Ski Clothing

Here you will find a complete range of ski clothing on Outdoorsupply. We offer a wide range of ski clothing that helps to protect against snow, rain, wind, and cold weather. You can choose ski clothes and accessories from a range of different quality brands including The North Face, Jack Wolfskin, O'Neill, Barts, Regatta, and many, many more. Check out the entire range of winter clothing here.