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Kids Walking Boots

Alongside our extensive collection of walking boots of adults, we here at Outdoorsupply also offer a great selection of kids hiking boots to ensure your child gets the proper footwear based on the type of walk or hike you will be going on. This ensures that the boots provide excellent support, which will reduce the risk of injury. The kids walking shoes come in various styles, colours, and from different brands. We offer high quality brands such as Berghen, Columbia, Regatta, LOWA, and many more. Browse our collection of childrens walking shoes on the page above to ensure your little one is all ready for their first hikes!

Childrens Walking Boots

When choosing the perfect pair of childrens hiking boots, it is important to determine which category of boot you will require. Most childrens hiking shoes are only available in the categories A, A/B, and B. A and A/B walking boot categories are suitable for everyday walking and less challenging terrain. The main difference is that A/B boots are taller than A shoes, which means that they will offer a little more ankle protection. For more challenging terrain, category B boots are a little more stiff and will protect your little ones feet even more. You can select which category of kids hiking shoes you would like using the filters above. You can also use these filters to find kids waterproof walking boots, leather walking boots, which are very popular, as well as every colour your child could want. Customise your search to help you find the perfect pair of walking boots for your children.