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Head Torch

A head torch is ideal for any outdoor activity where you are short of hands. The head torches from Outdoorsupply are available in different shapes and sizes, tailored to the activity for which they will be used. So you will find special headlamps for example, for running or mountain biking in our collection. Quality Brands like Homeij, Gerber, Silva, and LED Lenser guarantee a head torch of high quality with a long life. Select your specific wishes on the menu on the left of this page and order your torch today easily online at Outdoorsupply.


The head lamps on Outdoorsupply come in different price ranges. The most important thing to look at first is how many metres range you would like to have with your headlamp. If you would like to go running with it then 50 metres is sufficient. However, for faster sports, it is important that the range is larger otherwise you will see any dangerous obstacles or situations too late. You can use the filter in the left image to select your needs for a headlamp.