All Avalanche Equipment

In the case of an avalanche, an avalanche transceiver, or avalanche beacon, can help you determine the location of an injured companion. When this location is determined, you can feel a few metres into the snow with an avalanche probe to more accurately determine your companion's position, and then use the shovel to dig them out. An avalanche airbag will help you stay above the snow or provide more breathing space and less pressure. We also offer a great range of back protectors to help absorb any initial impacts from hard hits.

Avalanche Airbags

An avalanche airbag is a new, fourth addition to the holy trinity of avalanche safety. This trinity consists of a transceiver, probe and shovel, but the airbag is a perfect, innovative addition. The airbag must be activated immediately if you encounter an avalanche to increase your volume. As a result, you are larger than the snow crystals, which decreases the chance that you will end up buried beneath the snow. If, however, you do still get buried under the snow, the airbag offers a functional purpose because it will give you more breathing space.

Avalanche Transceivers

An avalanche transceiver, or avalanche beacon, is essential for if you or your companion falls under an avalanche, because it emits a high frequency so that you can be located/locate other people. This allows you to find your companion faster, and your chance of survival is a lot higher. This is because it is essential that you are found within 18 minutes of falling beneath the snow. It is important that you practise this well in advance so that you can act appropriately in case of an emergency and know what to do is you lose track of your companion in an avalanche.

Avalanche Probes

A avalanche probe is a stick that can be folded down and worn under your clothes. The stick is lightweight so it won't interfere with skiing or hiking and offers a great functional utility if you and your ski partner are unexpectedly in an avalanche. If your partner falls under the snow, you can determine the location of your partner with a transceiver. Hereafter you can use the probe, an average of 2 metres long, to probe in the snow to accurately determine the position of the buried person and to quickly get them to safety.

Avalanche Shovels

A avalanche shovel is a compact tool that can be worn under your clothes while skiing. An avalanche shovel is especially important if you're going off-piste, because the chance of an avalanche is much higher and a shovel will be essential if either you or someone in your group falls under the snow in an avalanche. The shovel can then easily be used to dig quickly so that the buried person's chance of survival is significantly increased. View our collection of avalanche shovels via the link above to be fully prepared for any eventuality.

Advice Page

An avalanche can occur if a lot of loose snow suddenly begins to shift at high speed. The chance of this happening is high if there is a lot of snow on a slope, and the likelihood of an avalanche is higher if you go off-piste, because the layers of snow are not as solidified as in areas that people ski over often. Snow exerts pressure on your body and breathing can be difficult. For this reason, it's important to always carry an avalanche transceiver, an avalanche probe, and an avalanche shovel if you go off-piste. An avalanche airbag can also significantly increase your or your companion's chance of survival.