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Mens Rainwear

Stay dry in waterproof apparel from Outdoorsupply! Our assortment of men's rainwear includes coats, trousers, shoe covers and more. All of these products are available from the top brands which ensure they are high quality and durable. Check out our assortment of men's rainwear on the page below.

Rainwear UK

Within our rainwear range for men, we have included some top notch brands that offer products that will keep you nice and dry in rainy weather, but that also look great!

RAINS Rainwear

RAINS is a brand that is well known for producing beautiful models of clothing that will keep you dry; the perfect combination of style and functionality! With a RAINS raincoat, you will be able to brave those rainy days with no problems. RAINS also offers a selection of waterproof trousers, so not only your torso is protected.

The North Face Rainwear

The North Face raincoats are designed to not only keep you dry on dreary days, but will also keep you wonderfully warm. The North Face Resolve jackets will make a great addition to your wardrobe, either to be used for hiking and outdoor adventures, or for everyday use for wet and windy British weather!

Regatta Rainwear

Regatta is a brilliant British brand that offers great products for keeping you dry on rainy days. Here at Outdoorsupply we stock Regatta raincoats, Regatta waterproof trousers, and even some models of leg gaiters. With products from this brand, you'll be able to face those rainy days and stay comfortable and dry.

In addition to men's rainwear, did you know that we also offer rainwear for women? Check out our selection of women's rainwear which includes apparel from brands like Happy Rainy Days, Agu, and much more! If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service.