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The founder of the Smith brand, Dr. Bob Smith, was first employed as a dentist. In the early days he made the ski goggles by hand and for this he used inter alia dentists 'tools'. These prototypes were made by Dr. Bob Smith and his friends around the kitchen table. Today, the Smith brand has become a household name within the winter sports world, having also expanded into designing great ski helmets. The combination of innovation, top quality, as well as a guaranteed long life of the products is what makes Smith one of the best winter sports brands around. Before the products go on the market, these ski goggles and ski helmets are first tested by top athletes in the skiing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, motocross and climbing world to guarantee top quality.

Smith UK

Be prepared for your upcoming winter sports holiday with a great pair of Smith ski goggles or a great Smith ski helmet.

Smith Ski Goggles

Smith ski goggles ensure that you are prepared no matter the weather on the slopes. The newest and most innovative technologies are used to make these goggles, so that your winter sports experience can be enjoyed to the max. With handy features like interchangeable lenses, or ChromaPop lenses, and so much more, you can't go wrong with a pair of Smith ski goggles! Here at Outdoorsupply we stock some of the brand's most popular collections, including the Smith I O goggles or the Smith Squad goggles.

Smith Ski Helmets

To go with your Smith goggles, you're going to need a Smith helmet! These helmets come in such a wide variety of colours, designs, models, and sizes that you are guaranteed to find the perfect helmet for you. Smith also uses great technologies in their winter sports helmets, such as MIPS technology and other extra safety features. Stay safe and look great on the slopes with a Smith ski helmet. Here at Outdoorsupply we stock some of the brand's most popular collections, including the Smith Vantage helmet, the Smith Maze helmet, the Smith Holt helmet, and the Smith Code helmet.