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Mens Walking Boots

We here at Outdoorsupply offer an extensive range of walking boots for men. Our selection of mens hiking boots and shoes includes models for more everyday walking as well as for extreme expeditions in glacial or mountainous regions. It's important to make sure that you have the right pair of boots for the trips you want to do to ensure that your boots offer you the right level of support and protection. In our assortment, you will find walking boots from some of the best outdoor footwear brands on the market, such as LOWA, Hanwag, Grisport, Columbia, and many more. View our advice page above to find out about the best walking boots for men and the different types available, then browse our assortment to find the perfect pair for you.

Mens Walking Shoes

When choosing a walking boot, it is important to determine which category of boot you will require. These categories are defined by letters: A, A/B, B, B/C, C, and D. The only difference between the categories A and A/B is the height of the shaft, where A/B is taller and goes to the ankle. These are both suitable for fairly easy terrain and everyday walking. Hiking boots in categories B and B/C are stiffer and stronger and are more challenging terrain with a pack. C and D boots are for more extreme expeditions that call for much more protection. Find out more via our handy advice page at the top of this page.

Mens Waterproof Walking Boots

If you know that you'll be walking in all weather, then it is a good idea to opt for a pair of walking boots that is waterproof or offers water-resistance. Not all walking boots offer this feature, but a large number of the mens hiking shoes in our range are waterproof. You can select this as an option using the filters on the left-hand side of the page. These waterproof hiking boots have special linings, such as GoreTex, that will protect your feet from rain, puddles, and more.

Mens Leather Walking Boots

We offer a great selection of mens walking boots in all shapes and sizes and in all materials. The most popular material chosen for walking boots is leather. This is because leather walking boots are very strong and long-lasting, which makes them a great investment for your hiking adventures. Many of the leather walking boots in our assortment are also waterproof, which means that here at Outdoorsupply, you will find tough, practical walking boots that will protect your feet no matter the weather. Browse the collection above.

Mens Walking Boots Sale

We here at Outdoorsupply offer a wide range of mens walking boots from the best brands on the market. This means that you are assured of high quality and long-lasting comfort. What's more, we even offer special, temporary sales for our walking boot brands, which means that there are always great deals for you to take advantage of. Head on over to our Sale via the menu at the top of this page and select walking boots to see all the amazing walking shoes and hiking boots that we have on offer at the moment at amazing discounted prices!