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Outdoorsupply has a very wide range of torches from various brands like Maglite, Olight and Led Lenser. You can choose from many different types of lights, such as halogen, krypton and LED. You can specify your wishes for the torch in the filter on the left. This way you are guaranteed to find a torch that fits your needs. You can choose from many different price ranges. Click on one of the torches below and you can buy directly online.

Torch UK

Click here to view a large collection of torches in different shapes and sizes from quality brands such as Maglite, Olight and Led Lenser. The traditional torch can be divided into different types of lighting. For example, there are torches with LED, krypton and xenon lighting. An LED lamp is an electronic light source and in contrast to a bulb, it does not use combustion. This means the LED lamp has much lower energy requirements making it less hot. An LED lamp is also very economical and has a much longer life than the old bulbs. With the krypton and xenon torches, there is also no combustion taking place. In these types of lamps, the electrical current is sent through ionized krypton and xenon gas, so these lights are very economical and therefore more durable.