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Kids Shoes

Outdoorsupply offers a large assortment of children's footwear to ensure your child is ready for any outdoor adventure! In our children's assortment you will find all manner of footwear for every activity possible. You will find wellies for muddy and rainy days, walking boots for hikes, sandals and flip flops for summer, and snow boots for winter holidays. The amazing childrens footwear in our assortment means that you can get the whole family out into the great outdoors. View our assortment of kids outdoor shoes on the page below to make sure they're always ready for an adventure.

Childrens Shoes

We here at Outdoorsupply believe in getting everyone into the great outdoors - the whole family! That's why we have incorporated a wide range of outdoor shoes for children into our assortment. To help you find exactly what you need, you can search for shoes for your children via the links below.

Kids Wellies

If you're looking to plan an outing for the whole family to somewhere where there could be puddles or a lot of mud, such as a trip to a farm or a walk through the countryside, then it is a good idea to invest in a great pair of wellington boots for your child. The wellies in our collection come from some of the best brands on the market, including Hunter, Aigle, Nokian, and many more. These boots will ensure that your child's feet stay warm and dry and can play care-free in puddles or muddy fields.

Kids Walking Boots

A long day of hiking can really take if out of your little ones, so its important to make sure that they have the right shoes for your outdoor trips. This will ensure that they can walk comfortably for as long as possible and that their feet are well-supported. We offer walking boots and walking shoes for children in a wide range of designs and sizes, which means that there is always the perfect option for every kid. View our childrens walking boot collection right here.

Kids Snow Boots

Whether you are taking your family away to a winter wonderland on holiday, planning a family winter sports trip, or are simply preparing for days of snow and ice at home, all of the snow boots in this collection will make sure that your children are fully prepared and protected. Our collection of Sorel kids boots, Moon Boots, Olang boots, Columbia snow boots, and boots from other amazing brands will ensure that your child is spoiled for choice of high quality, wonderfully warm snow boots.

Kids Sandals

Alongside our collection of winter boots, we are also fully prepared for the warmer summer months. In this collection, you will find all of the high quality sandals that we have available for kids. Our childrens sandals come from the best brands, including Teva sandals, Columbia sandals, Jack Wolfskin sandals, and more. These brands differ from most other brands because their sandals, while remaining lightweight, offer a lot of support and extra comfort, making them ideal for outdoor adventures.

All this and more from Outdoorsupply. View our complete shoe collection for children:

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