Torches come in all shapes and sizes. The Outdoor Supply range includes torches known quality brands such as Maglite, Olight, and Led Lenser. Torches are available in different types, materials, colours and options. Whether you're camping, going on a survival mission, or working in security, a torch can help you in a range of situations.

Battery Charger

On this page you will find a wide range of high quality battery chargers in various sizes with very good value for money. All major brands like Goal Zero and Xtorm are in Outdoor Supply. These products are very handy for occasions such as for camping, hiking or long stays in primitive conditions.


Outdoor Supply serves a wide range of multi-tools. All the necessary tools can be compactly arranged in a multi-tool. Outdoor Supply has a wide range of multi-tools from brands such as Victorinox, Leatherman and Gerber. The brands are known for their high quality and therefore implies that you are entitled to lifetime warranty from these brands.


The head lamps from Outdoor Supply are available in different shapes and sizes, tailored to the activity for which they will be used. So you will find headlamps especially made for running or mountain biking in our collection. The head lamps on Outdoor Supply come in different price ranges.

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are available in different colours, and price ranges with different features. Whether hiking, biking, boating or picnicking a pocket knife can help you in different situations. Here you will find include pocket knives from the quality brand Victorinox.

All Accessories

Outdoor Supply offers not only offers a wide range of cookware, sleeping items, bags, clothing and winter gear - but also products such as compasses, travel lights, binoculars and bicycle lamps. The broad selection option allows you to have the ability to make the right choice between the accessories.