All Icebreaker Products

The Icebreaker brand was founded in New Zealand in 1995. The brand saw the benefits of merino wool in technical outdoor clothing and got to work! The brand now manufactures all sorts of outdoor clothing and sells it worldwide. Icebreaker clothing is perfect for outdoor activities and adventures for a number of reasons; it's breathable, warm, water-resistant, and super comfortable - all thanks to merino wool! View our extensive Icebreaker collection here, or view our Icebreaker sale to find discounted items!

Icebreaker Women

In this section of our Icebreaker assortment, you will find an extensive collection of clothing that has been specifically designed for women. Icebreaker's assortment is very extensive, so you will find everything you could need for your outdoor wardrobe in our women's collection, including t-shirts, jackets, fleeces, sweatshirts, leggings, and so much more. These technical clothing items will support you maximally on your outdoor adventures and during exercise and will quickly become your favourites.

Icebreaker Men

Alongside our women's collection, we have also dedicated an entire section of our Icebreaker assortment to all the outdoor clothing items that the brand has designed specially for men. All made from merino wool and merino wool blends, this clothing offers maximum comfort, breathability, warmth, and a high level of durability. That means that you will not only always be comfortable when exercising, but that these clothes will retain that comfort and high quality for many years to come.

Icebreaker Base Layer

Perhaps the most well known collection in Icebreaker's assortment, the brand's range of base layers and underwear is very extensive and will support you perfectly during all your outdoor activities and sporting efforts. In this collection you will find undershirts, leggings and long johns, boxers, and underwear, all made from top quality merino wool. Icebreaker base layers are designed with specific seasons in mind, so you will always be optimally supported, no matter the weather.

Icebreaker Accessories

Having the perfect clothing is vital when exercising in potentially very cold conditions, because you need to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable to ensure that you not only get the best out of your performance, but also that you stay safe. To complement their extensive clothing assortment, Icebreaker has also produced a great line of accessories that will keep you nice and warm. The right accessories can make all the difference, so view our range of Icebreaker beanies, scarves, and more right here.

Icebreaker Socks

Another extensive range within our Icebreaker assortment is their collection of socks. Icebreaker socks are designed for most outdoor sports you could think of, so no matter what activities and adventures you're planning, Icebreaker has produced the perfect socks for them. Whether you need a thick, warm pair of ski socks or a more lightweight pair of hiking socks for use in milder temperatures, you won't be disappointed with Icebreaker's extensive sock collection.