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all Icebreaker products

Icebreaker was founded by then 24-year old marketing graduate Jeremy Moon, who was introduced to a merino sheep farmer back in 1995 in New Zealand. Moon saw the potential benefits of using merino wool in outdoor clothing and set out with the aim of producing sustainable, natural clothing. Because of the warmth retention to weight ratio of the material used, Icebreaker merino products are ideal for outdoor sports and activities. Over the years, Icebreaker began to expand their market internationally, and now sells top notch outdoor clothing all over the world.

Icebreaker Merino

Icebreaker believes that clothing should be made from natural, sustainable materials, which is why they make use of merino wool. The brand has four basic design principles, which can be seen in each item of clothing; simplicity, longevity, versatility, and purpose. That means that Icebreaker clothing is timeless, offers optimal performance and durability, can be used for a range of activities, and that responds to what your body needs. What more could you need from your outdoor clothing?