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Avalanche Shovels

To be well prepared when you go off-piste, it is very important that you take with you an avalanche beacon, avalanche probe, and avalanche shovel. These items are easy to carry with you under your clothes and are of great importance to significantly increase the survival chances of you and your ski or hiking companions. With the beacon and probe, you can easily determine your partner's location if they're covered in snow, and with the shovel you can easily start to dig out your partner. Shovels are designed to be very effective at moving snow.

Avalanche Shovel

An avalanche shovel is lightweight and can easily be folded under a ski boot. The shovel is essential for off-piste skiers or hikers, because your chances of survival in an avalanche are significantly improved if you have a shovel to dig snow. Shovels are designed to be very effective at moving solid snow, so you can reach your partner faster. Together with an avalanche beacon and an avalanche probe, the avalanche shovel is a necessity for skiers and hikers who like to go off-piste.