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Avalanche Airbags

A ski airbag, or avalanche airbag, can save your life when you encounter an avalanche. On this page you will find airbags with high tech applications that cause the bag to automatically open if you fall. Avalanche airbags have been proven to be effective and significantly increase your survival chances. The airbag is therefore a must for anyone who wants to go skiing or snowboarding off-piste. An avalanche airbag ensures that you stay clear of an avalanche, but in case you get caught under the snow, the airbag will allow room to breathe.

Ski Airbag

During a avalanche, snow crystals come down at a great velocity. To survive during an avalanche, it is important not to fall into the snow, and a ski airbag helps push the body upwards. This is due to a principle that causes objects larger than the snow crystals to be pushed upwards. An airbag helps to lift your weight and prevent you from falling. If you get caught in the snow, the inflated airbag will give you more space to breathe, significantly increasing your survival chances.