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Meal Kits

Do you frequently take a long, brisk walk or are you a fan of picnics? A handy meal kit is then very suitable for you. A meal kit can easily be taken with you anywhere in a bag or backpack, as it is always compact and lightweight. In addition, the meal sets are often dishwasher safe, making it easy to use the set throughout the entire week if needed. Please use the links on this page to select your wishes regarding a meal kit, so you can easily and quickly find your ideal meal set.


travelling often, whether alone or with a partner means that you need food for the trip. A meal kit in that case is incredibly handy. A set often consists of a plate, cutlery and glass. You can also choose a set for more people. The meal kits are lightweight, which makes them very easy to take anywhere. Most sets are made of high quality material such as plastic, stainless steel and titanium.