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The German brand HANWAG is a leading player in walking boots with outstanding quality. The collection from HANWAG consists of walking and mountain shoes produced in a unique way in Germany itself, suitable for both men and women. The shoes are characterised by high walking and wearing comfort, whilst also being stylish. On this page you will find the entire collection. To find out more about HANWAG, and also about the different sizes and fits they offer, have a look at our handy HANWAG advice page by clicking the image above.


Genuine German quality, these are the top shoes of the HANWAG brand, and are available throughout the world, including the UK. The mountain and walking shoes from this brand are made from the very best materials and this is reflected in every step you take. Functional, comfortable and extremely sturdy, HANWAG offers everything you could wish for in a good walking shoe. Use the filters on the left hand side of the screen to make it easier to narrow down your ideal shoe.


HANWAG makes use of specific shoe fittings, for example a Narrow fit, Wide fit, or Bunion fit. If a HANWAG shoe has been designed with a special fit, this is mentioned in the product title / description. If there is no mention of a specific type of fit, then you can assume that the shoe in question has a standard / average fit. HANWAG Narrow fit is suitable for those with a smaller foot width, HANWAG Wide fit is suitable for those with a larger foot width, and HANWAG Bunion fit is suitable for people whose big toe is crooked and bends towards their other toes (Hallux Valgus).