All Schöffel Products

The Schöffel brand has been creating high quality outdoor clothing for over 200 years. During this time, they have passed down generations of knowledge and expertise, so you know you can rely on the high quality of Schöffel products. View our full collection of Schöffel outdoor and winter sports clothing and accessories, as well as our Schöffel sale to find our best offers!

Schöffel Men

Schöffel clothing is designed with high quality materials and with the use of innovative technologies, which means that each item of clothing will help you get the best out of your own performance, whether hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or doing any other outdoor activity. Moreover, Schöffel clothing has sporty and sleek designs. View our Schöffel men’s collection here.

Schöffel Women

If you’re looking for high quality, sporty clothing for your outdoor adventures and winter sports excursions, then you’re in the right place! Schöffel has produced a wide range of clothing that has been specifically designed for women and that will keep you as comfortable as possible. With jackets, gilets, trousers, fleeces, accessories, and much more, Schöffel has thought of everything.

Schöffel Jacket

If you have a winter sports trip coming up, or if you’re in the market for a new jacket for your walking trips, then you should browse our Schöffel jacket collection. All of the jackets in this range are designed to be waterproof, windproof, breathable, and flexible. This combination means that you will be warm, dry, and comfortable in virtually every circumstance.

Schöffel Fleece

Alongside their impressive collection of thicker winter jackets, Schöffel has also produced an extensive collection of fleeces. These fleeces are made from the softest materials that will keep you comfortably warm. Another handy feature of Schöffel fleeces is the ZipIn! system, which allows you to zip the fleeces into jackets for a personalised coat. Browse our collection to find out more.

Schöffel Ski Clothing

Schöffel is very well known for their extensive collection of clothing for hiking, but they have also produced a technical line of clothing that is specifically designed for winter sports. Schöffel ski jackets are completely waterproof, offer protection from the snow, and will keep you feeling toasty warm, even in the coldest conditions. Ski in style and comfort with the ski clothing from Schöffel.