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Buff was originally a small Spanish company that was founded in Barcelona. Soon after it's foundation, the company expanded and started an international adventure in France, Switzerland, and Germany. Today, Buff already sells its products in more than 60 countries. Buff designs and produces accessories for your head and neck, such as caps, beanies, neck warmers, balaclavas, and headbands. Buff clothing and accessories will keep you warm and well protected on all of your outdoor adventures.

Buff UK

For top quality accessories for cold, wintry days, you are in the right place. Buff is a top quality brand that offers a number of neck warmers, beanies, and other great accessories that will help to keep you warm and comfortable in autumn and winter. Buff products are produced with the utmost care and very high quality materials, so you can rest assured that your Buff neck warmer, beanie, cap, or headband will not only feel and look great, but it will also last for years, ensuring that you can enjoy your purchase for a very long time.

Buff Neck Warmer

The neck warmer is the product with which Buff initially started and which has made the company well-known. It all started because the owner sought protection from the cold and wind while riding a motorcycle. He therefore came up with a neck warmer that was seamless and made of microfiber. This concept is Buff's flagship to this day. Buff neck warmers are made of excellent quality materials and comply with the latest technologies. The neck warmers offer you protection during all kinds of sports and activities and are therefore very handy to have.