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Determining the Appropriate Helmet Size

It is important to choose the right size helmet in order to best protect your head from an injury. The minimum head circumference for a helmet from Outdoorsupply is 46 cm. On average, a one year old girl has a head circumference of 46 cm. The maximum head circumference we offer helmets for is 64 cm. In the diagram below you can find the right size of helmet for your head circumference. .

To measure your head properly, it is important that you put the tape measure one finger width above your eyebrows. Then you can accurately measure your head circumference.

The ski helmets in our store are often adjustable to create a perfect fit. Normally, if you choose the proper size it should fit you correctly. In order to determine if a helmet fits you well, start off by putting it on then move your head slightly up and down. If the helmet remains in place it fits well, if not you may need to make some adjustments. In order to provide 100% protection the helmet must not move while on your head.

Head circumference in cm47-4849-5051-5253-5455-5657-5859-60 61-6263-64

Age (year)123456789101112131415161718192021
Girl (cm)464849.255050.55151.2551.7552.2552.7553.2553.7554.2554.75555555.2555.2555.2555.2555.25
Boy (cm)47.2549.2550.551.2551.551.755252.552.7553.2553.7554.2554.555.255656.556.755757.2557.557.75

Most Important Features


Helmets are generally made of materials such as polycarbonate (plastic), hard shell, or EPS (better known as Styrofoam). These materials are able to absorb shocks, are high insulating yet also breathable. These materials are subject to strict safety standards such as EN 1077 B. Despite the fact that most helmets are top quality, it is recommended to replace them every 3 to 5 years. This way you can be assured that your ski helmet meets all the safety requirements.


Ski helmets are meant to protect the head from injuries. It if therefore advisable to buy a helmet that meets the most stringent safety requirements. Uvex Ski Helmets apply multiple layers of various materials. The outer shell utilises harder materials while the inner shell uses polystyrene foam. These layers together offer effective protection.


Some helmet brands such as Uvex feature specialised fitting systems. These are flexible flaps that are mounted within the helmet that automatically adjust to your head, regardless of the size of the helmet or head circumference. Note: the helmet should not sit to far forward or backwards on the head or else these exposed areas will not be protected.

Types of Helmets


These days many helmets feature a hard shell construction. A hard shell (also called a bombshell) offers optimal protection against hard impacts to the head. This hard shell ensures that the helmet cannot be destroyed by sharp objects such as rocks and branches. They have a tough outer layer, while the inside of this type of helmet is comfortable. The advantage of this helmet is that it offers greater protection and lasts longer than, say, in-mould helmets. The disadvantage is that these helmets are a lot heavier.

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Helmets with an in-mould construction have a layer of foam under the hard exterior, which absorbs the shock of a fall. The special foam layer of in-mould helmets are extremely light weight. However, the drawback with this type of helmet is that they provide less protection against penetration of sharp objects.

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Hybrid helmets are a combination of hardshell and in-mould helmets. These helmets provide, where necessary, the appropriate form of protection. In places where comfort is mostly desired, in-mould techniques are used and in places where protection against penetration is of importance, the hardshell characteristics are utilised. Hybrid helmets are lighter in weight than hard-shell helmets, but offer more protection than in-mould helmets. This type of helmet is the best of both worlds.

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Our Brands


Uvex is known for their innovative as well as high quality ski goggles and ski helmets. This German brand has been producing excellent winter products since 1926. For a top quality helmet Uvex has exactly what you are looking for.

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Smith is known for creating innovative and high quality helmets. They also specialise in goggles and are expanding their collection of helmets.

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Sinner stands for innovation, quality, and high performing products. These products are produced in collaboration with athletes and artists who design trendy, high quality helmets.

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POC is a famous Swedish brand that focuses mostly on the sale of ski goggles and ski helmets. The helmets of this brand are of high quality and feature innovative, contemporary designs. POC is at the forefront of helmets as they always test their products with a professional team of athletes before it is available on the market. 

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Giro has a wide range of helmets with modern designs. They only use solid materials that provide optimal protection in a fall. The quality of this brand's helmets are attainable in various colours, designs and are available for all ages.

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The French brand Salomon has several collections of helmets  that provide optimal comfort. These helmets feel comfortable on your head and offer good protection in a fall. Salomon sells helmets in trendy colours that are suitable for adults and children.

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Price Range


Are you going skiing for the first time and do not want to spend too much money on a helmet? Then Sinner ski helmets are made for you. This brand makes great helmets at an affordable price. These helmets are excellent for people who go skiing once in awhile or for beginners who do not go very often. 

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Economic Choice

If you go skiing regularly and are looking for a high quality helmet at a great price, top brands like Smith and Uvex offer high quality helmets from £70 and up. In addition to adult helmets, we also offer helmets for children in various price ranges.

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High End

If you are looking for the best helmets on the market, brands such as Smith, Uvex, and POC are highly respected in their sector. They offer the best protection, ventilation and insulation. Additionally, some offer options like integrated ski goggles.

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