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The brand Aigle has produced wellies and boots for more than 160 years for various purposes. Through these years of production, the boots have continuously improved to bring even higher quality and functionality to you. The boots are still manufactured by hand after all these years. On the basis of strict requirements there are 60 steps to be followed in order to be able to make one single perfect boot. The use of natural rubber makes the boots stronger, smoother and more comfortable. This makes the boots very rigid and able to last for years. Alongside their wellies and boots, Aigle also have a lovely range of clothing, including winter coats, fleeces, and jackets.

Aigle UK

Aigle make brilliant products that will help you to enjoy your outdoor adventures just that little bit more. With products for men, women, and children in a range of models, colours, and designs, you won't be disappointed with a purchase from Aigle! Use the filters on the left hand side of the page to customise your search and find the perfect products for you.

Aigle Wellies

Here at Outdoorsupply, we stock several product types from this great brand, but above the rest their wellington boots are definitely the most popular. Aigle boots come in a wide range of styles and colours, which means that there is something for everyone in this stellar collection. Whether you're looking for a practical pair of wellies for work purposes, or a bright fashion statement for you or your children, you have definitely come to the right place with Aigle!

Aigle Coats & Jackets

Alongside their brilliant range of boots, Aigle has also brought a beautiful range of coats and jackets onto the market. Aigle jackets have stylish designs and come in neutral colours, so that you can be sure your Aigle jacket can be worn with a wide array of outfits. Made with modern technologies, these coats are very warm, but are breathable too, so you can be sure your comfort will be maximised with an Aigle coat!