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Mens Base Layer

Stay warm in the chilly temperatures with a base layer from Outdoorsupply. Either alone, or with other layers, our base layers are versatile and can be worn in numerous ways. We offer base layers from numerous high quality brands, with products ranging from long johns, thermal underwear, long sleeve t-shirts and more. View the assortment of men's base layers on the page below.

Men's Base Layers

In addition to free shipping to most locations for orders over £50, Outdoorsupply offers a free 14 day return period. This means if a product does not fit right or it does not meet your standards you may return it within 14 days of receiving it. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service.

Odlo Base Layer

Odlo has put its name on the map by specialising in the creation of outstanding sporting clothing. Odlo designs clothes with different needs in mind, and therefore has specific clothing lines for different layers. Check out their brilliant base layer options by clicking the link above.

Craft Base Layer

Craft is known for its very lightweight and very breathable base layer clothing. With a range of items, including long sleeve t-shirts, long johns, and underwear, you will be able to create the perfect base layer for your workouts. With products from this brand, you'll be sure to stay as comfortable as possible during exercise.

Salomon Base Layer

Salomon has a great range of long sleeve t-shirts and slightly thicker base layer sweatshirts on offer, and these are sure to help keep you comfortable while optimising your sporting performance. These very lightweight base layer items have as few seams as possible and are breathable, making them a perfect addition to your sports wardrobe.

Jack Wolfskin Base Layer

Among Jack Wolfskin's impressive outdoor clothing range, they also have a great selection of base layer shirts. These shirts will make a great addition to your sports wardrobe, as they are highly breathable, have flexible fits, and prevent odours forming. Be sure to have a look at our range of Jack Wolfskin base layers to find the perfect shirt for your needs.