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Dakine outdoorsupply

Dakine was founded in 1979 in Hawaii, producing clothes and accessories for the true adventurers who love outdoor activities. The founder of the brand was a surfer who was a handyman, and soon had the attention of my other surfers who needed help with repairs. Thus, Rob Kaplan developed the idea of setting up his own brand. In 1986, Kaplan developed the product that brought him to fame: a snowboarder demanded a essentials-only package for his helicopter trip in the snow, and with this, the Dakine Heli Pack was born. Since then the brand's assortment has expanded extensively. Now you will find great collections of Dakine backpacks, Dakine snowboard bags, Dakine ski bags, Dakine gloves, and more. Click on the images below to find out more about these top-notch products.

Dakine UK

Dakine was founded in 1979 and has since been a very popular outdoor brand with products of high quality. The Dakine team strives to develop innovative products to make your outdoor activities as comfortable as possible. The brand was founded by a surfer with a love for production and repairs, who designed to create a brand after many other surfers and athletes had asked him for help and his service. Since then, Dakine has been a leader in the market.

Dakine Backpack

One of the most popular collections in the Dakine assortment is their collection of backpacks and rucksacks. Dakine has developed their collection of bags for both hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, but has also designed a fantastic collection of bags for more everyday purposes. Be sure to check out our collection of Dakine Heli Pro and Heli Pack winter sports backpacks, and the other rucksacks for school or work by following the above link.

Dakine Luggage

Alongside their impressive collection of backpacks and rucksacks for more everyday use, Dakine has also produced an impressive line of suitcases and duffel bags for longer trips away. These bags are made with ample space, you can 100% take everything with you that you could possibly need, and the holdalls and suitcases are made from durable, resilient materials. That means that they will withstand more turbulent journeys and last much longer.