All Additional Accessories

Outdoorsupply has a wide range of skiing accessories to complete your ski equipment needs. You will find all accessories such as ski poles, water bottles, bags, snow boots, airbags, and much more here. Outdoorsupply sells products from renowned brands, whose quality is guaranteed. Click here to view the entire range. Also be sure to check out our range of products for sleighing and skating!

Snow Boots

A good pair of snow boots are vital during the winter. Snow boots keep your feet warm and also provide sufficient grip on snowy or slippery surfaces. Here you will find a large collection of snow boots for men, women, and children in all models, sizes, and colours. We sell snow boots from famous brands like Sorel, Gevavi, Chuva, and Moon Boot.

Ski Poles

Ski poles are an important part of your ski equipment because they offer support while skiing and they help you steer. In this category, you will find a wide range of ski poles to help you safely descend the slopes. Outdoorsupply sells ski poles in various colours and designs, and from great brands like Leki, so we can guarantee that there is something for everyone.


Outdoorsupply has a large range of ski and snowboard bags from quality brands like Thule. These bags assure that your skis and snowboard don't get damaged and remain in good condition, so they can last for many years. Some bags come with wheels so you can easily transport your belongings easily. Check out our range of winter sports bags here, as well as our amazing range of ski rucksacks, which are ideal for storing everything you could possibly need on the slopes.


Within our safety equipment range, we here at Outdoorsupply also sell a wide range of various ski airbags. Ski airbags offer additional security in case you are caught in an avalanche. They open automatically if you end up in an avalanche and they ensure that you do not become buried too deep under the snow. Outdoorsupply sells top quality avalanche airbag packs from renowned brands, such as Pieps and Ortovox. Check out our entire range of airbags via the link above.

Water Bags

Outdoorsupply offers a large variety of water bags in various colours and sizes. Water bags are a convenient way to carry water in your backpack while skiing, snowboarding, or hiking, so you that you can stay hydrated no matter where you are. Outdoorsupply sells high quality water bags from brands like CamelBak, Abbey, MSR, and Platypus. Click the link above to view our entire range of top quality water bags and hydration packs from top quality brands.