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The Norwegian brand Db is your ideal partner for all your travels. You can rely on this brand for backpacks, rucksacks, suitcases, ski bags, and much more! All of these wonderful bags are made from carefully selected products that they know will last a long time, which is very important when choosing a good travel bag. This way you are also assured that you can enjoy your Db bag for years to come. The passion for travel within this company is directly reflected in the practical designs. All Db bags ensure unprecedented ease of use and a lot of convenience when travelling.

Db Rucksack

If you are looking for a practical rucksack, then you have come to the perfect place. This innovative brand has bags in all sizes and for all purposes. Whether you are travelling, heading for an adventurous weekend, or looking for a bag for your day to day activities, Db certainly has what you need in its rucksack collection. In addition, the practical Db rucksacks are made of sturdy and durable materials, so that they are long-lasting and you can get optimal use of them. Alongside the excellent collection of Db backpacks, you will also find a great range of Db ski bags, so you can also rely on this top notch brand during your winter sports adventures!