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Outdoorsupply has a wide range of backpacks from various brands such as The North Face, Eagle Creek and Deuter. You can choose from various sizes, styles and colours. Before you buy the backpack, first it is important to decide how large you need it to be. Will you use it every day, for example for work or school and how much stuff do you need to carry in it? Will you use the backpack for a long trip or a day trip? Remember, if the backpack is too small or too large then it can get quite irritating. Please use the menu on the left to refine your search for the backpack.

Rucksacks UK

During any trip, it is incredibly handy to have a small rucksack where you can keep all your important stuff. You will probably take some accessories with you on your journey but a backpack or a suitcase can be a bit too large/heavy. The small rucksacks that you can find here on Outdoorsupply are made from the best brands such as Deuter and The North Face.