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In case of an avalanche, it is very important that you can quickly dig yourself or your hiking or ski companions out. Below the snow, you have an average of 15 to 18 minutes to breathe, so fast action is vital. It is therefore advisable never to go off-piste alone, so that in case of emergency you always have a partner who can help you get to safety. It's always important to carry an avalanche beacon, an avalanche probe, and an avalanche shovel. These, as well as an avalanche airbag, can significantly increase your chance for survival in an avalanche. Be sure to check out our Advice Page for handy avalanche tips.

Avalanche Equipment

Good avalanche equipment is very important if you go off-piste. Take an avalanche beacon with you so that you can be found if you fall under the snow, a avalanche probe so that you can accurately determine your companion's position, an avalanche shovel so that you can easily dig your partner out of the snow, and an avalanche airbag to prevent you from getting underneath the snow or to give you extra breathing space if an avalanche happens quickly or unexpectedly.