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The Swedish company Woolpower delivers timeless clothes of high quality and functionality. As the name implies, Woolpower products are made from premium merino wool in combination with other textiles. Sustainability is the top priority at Woolpower and the products are also manufactured with the idea of creating a better environment. Woolpower takes pride in having their clothing handmade by one of their numerous seamstresses. They display this ownership and pride by having the seamstresses' name tag sewed into each piece they make. View our assortment of Woolpower products on the page below.

Woolpower UK

Woolpower is a Swedish company that has managed to put itself on the map as a major player in the field of high quality wool clothing. In its product line, Woolpower has several product groups, including socks, hats and balaclavas, t-shirts, and mittens, as well as underwear, including long johns and thermal leggings. By using the filters on the left you can narrow down the options available based on attributes such as price, product type, colour, etc.