All Craft Products

The brand Craft was founded in 1973 by the Swedish designer Anders Bengtsson as a sports brand that created products of a very high quality. Employees at the brand do sport themselves every day, meaning that clothing by this brand is made by those who have experience in sportswear. Craft continues to research how people do sport, so that they can produce the best sportswear possible for every type of sportsperson. This is what makes Craft a great brand for professional sportspeople as well as those who enjoy the occasional workout. Different products are made to meet the needs of these different groups of sportspeople, so that everyone can enjoy an optimised sporting experience.

Craft Men

Craft is a great brand for sporty men who want to be comfortable while still looking stylish while they exercise. The brand develops sportswear for different types of sportspeople and that can be worn in any weather conditions. For example, the brand offers different collections, such as their 'Stay Cool', 'Be Active', and 'Keep Warm' collections, which are suited respectively to warm, normal, and cold weather conditions. Craft is continually creating new innovations and designs for their products that guaratee the best possible sportswear. The brand offers clothing for runners, cyclists, skiers, and many more. Whether you're looking for underwear or jackets for your sporting wardrobe, Craft will have it!

Craft Women

Craft's women's collection is not only incredibly comfortably, but the clothing is very stylish because of the fashional prints and colours used. Craft clothing is perfect to exercise in; every seam is carefully mapped out, and the materials used are breathable. Craft therefore offers high quality sportswear that will optimise your sporting experience. The brand combines unconventional methods and comprises oin order to come up with the best designs possible for each item of clothing they produce. Because the designers of the brand are also active, sporty people, you can be sure that their passion goes into every Craft clothing product.

Craft Kids

Craft also develops clothing for kids. Sportswear from Craft is made to a very high quality, which is very important for sporty children. Freedom of movement has been carefully considered, which means that kids clothing from Craft will not easily break. Craft develops their clothing with the utmost care, with the needs of the customer being the priority in their designs, as well as each product being rigorously tested. The brand produces clothing made from soft materials that will not irritate your kids' skin, as well as clothes that are breathable, but will keep your kids warm.

Craft Jackets

Craft develops clothing for every possible layer, including jackets. The jackets from this brand offer warmth, but also ventilation and ample freedom of movement, in order for you to exercise as comfortable as possible. Their extensive assortment includes, among other things, waterproof jackets, that you can still brave the outdoors in a rain shower. Craft also makes windproof jackets that will protect you from the cold during strong gusts of wind. These jackets are also perfect for wearing while running, cycling, or cross-country skiing. Some of the jackets in this range also include reflective elements so that you can still exercise and do sport safely in the dark.

Craft Base Layers

Craft's range of base layers includes items of clothing that will form the basis of any sporting outfit. This layer is placed directly on the skin, and it is therefore of vital importance that the materials used allow ventilation, so that sweat doesn't stay on your skin. Base layers from Craft are breathable, meaning that sweat is transported from your skin to your next layer of clothing. This is to prevent irritation and overheating. Craft's collection of base layer products include 'Stay Cool', 'Be Active', and 'Keep Warm' collections, to make sure you have base layers for all weather conditions. So with the 'Stay Cool' line, for example, it's easy to stay cool on hot, summer days, whereas with the 'Keep Warm' line, you will be sure to stay warm even when it's cold outside.