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Craft Base Layer

Craft Base Layer Craft has become a universally known brand when it comes to base layer collections. Base layers from Craft help to perfectly regulate body temperature during every sort of physical exertion. The structure of their materials ensure that sweat is removed, and is driven into the next layer of clothing, reducing irritation. Base layer products can be divided into three different collections; Stay Cool, Be Active, and Keep Warm. Stay Cool products are developed for exercising in warm conditions. Be Active products are made for average or normal weather conditions. Keep Warm products, alternatively, are made for when you want to exercise in cold weather.

Craft Base Layers

Base layer products from Craft can be divided into three collections. The Stay Cool collection is made of thin, lightweight materials that allow optimal ventilation and cooling, and is thus perfect for warmer days. The Be Active line includes the Active Extreme collection, which is made from breathable, double-layered materials, and the Active Windstopper range has been designed to protect you from strong gusts of wind. The Keep Warm collection is made from materials that best retain heat in important areas during cold weather conditions.