All Stanley Products

The American brand Stanley has been making great products for more than 100 years to keep your drinks and food at the right temperature. William Stanley Jr. combined vacuum insulation with the durability of steel to create an insulating bottle. Today they have a wide range of products, from flasks to cool boxes and from lunch boxes to thermal mugs. All products are of extremely high quality and can certainly take a beating. View the beautiful range of products from Stanley here!

Stanley Flask

Who doesn't have a thermal flask in their cupboard? They are extremely useful and often come in handy. Whether you go for a long walk, go on holiday, or just for a working day, they often come with you. With a Stanley flask, you can go out without any worries. They can take a beating, do not leak, and keep your drinks at the desired temperature for hours. This way you can even enjoy a delicious hot coffee, cold water or cup of soup at the end of your hike.

Stanley Thermal Mug

Thermal mugs are extremely handy and ensure you can take a lot of drinks with you, which can be a pain if you're going out alone. In this case, a thermal mug is ideal. A thermal mug keeps your drinks hot or cold for a long time and you can drink from it right away, so win win. Perfect for on the go! View the beautiful range of thermal mugs from Stanley here at Outdoorsupply and find a suitable mug for you. There is a lot of variation in model, capacity, and colour, so there is certainly a suitable thermal mug for you!

Stanley Lunch Box

Stanley does not only have products to keep liquids at the right temperature. There is also a nice range of lunch boxes and food jars that will keep food warm and fresh until the moment you get hungry. One of the most popular versions is the Food Jar. This is a larger cup in which you can easily keep soup, pasta, or other dishes warm. Ideal for long hikes or during a long journey! In addition, the boxes and jars are very sturdy and do not leak. View the entire range of Stanley lunch boxes here!

Stanley Cool Box

It is of course wonderful to be able to enjoy a warm tea or coffee, but some products are much tastier cold. Think of soft drinks, fruit, or meat products. This is no problem for Stanley either, as they also offer beautiful cool boxes. Just like the other products, these cool boxes are of extremely high quality and ensure that the contents stay cold for hours. The coolers are equipped with double-walled foam insulation, which ensures that everything stays nice and cold. There is a choice of colour and dimensions, so you will always find the right cool box for you here at Outdoorsupply.

Stanley Legendary Classic Bottle

Stanley is best known for its thermal flasks. After all, this is the first product the brand brought to the market. There are different series of flasks, one of which is the 'Legendary Classic Bottle'. This is a beautiful thermal flask range that keeps your drinks at the right temperature for up to 15 hours. In addition, different versions were examined in terms of capacity, design, and colour. Check out the great range of Legendary Classic Bottles here at Outdoorsupply and find the perfect thermal bottle that you can take with you!