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When you go fishing, hiking or camping a delicious cup of coffee or tea is a necessity. A thermos helps you in these situations. However, the disadvantage of many normal vacuum bottles is that they quickly cool down the cool drink or not be able to keep cold. The thermos Outdoor Supply change this. The Stanley vacuum flasks are isolated, allowing beverage to keep articles at their desired temperature 24 hours refrigerated or is kept warm. The same applies to the thermos Contigo, which also is vacuum insulated. with this thermos you are assured of a delicious hot or cold drink.

Thermos UK

Do you often take coffee or tea when you go out? Then you'll want it to stay hot. Contigo and Stanley thermoses can keep your drink warm for up to 24 hours. It is also possible to do the same thing for cold drinks. These can remain cold for a long period of time.