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Cabaïa Outdoorsupply

Founded in France in 2015, Cabaïa is a vibrant brand dedicated to making travel an eco-friendly delight. The brand offers a colourful range of functional bags, including backpacks, travel bags, shopping bags, and work bags, all made from recycled PET bottles. Whether you prefer a fun print or a solid colour, Cabaïa has something for you. The brand's founders, Bastien and Emilien, expanded rapidly in 2016 to become the significant brand they are today. Cabaïa's mission is to make travel more sustainable through lively and joyous luggage, combining sustainability with excellent value for money. The brand expresses this commitment in its humorous, creative, and festive items. Check out Cabaïa on and let the brand's festive spirit surprise you.

Cabaïa backpack

Cabaïa offers a diverse array of backpacks. The water-resistant backpack sizes range from 12 to 25 litres, with the Medium Adventure backpack being a popular classic. Explore the festive and sustainable range of Cabaïa on and add a splash of colour to your travels.

Cabaïa Adventurer

One of Cabaïa's most popular collections is the Adventurer line, perfect for any occasion. Ideal for work, a day out, or as extra luggage on holiday, these bags feature a 13" laptop compartment, padded and breathable shoulder straps, and anti-theft pockets. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, explore the Cabaïa range on and add a touch of fun to your travels.