Back to School

You can shop for your favourite school supplies right here at Outdoorsupply! In our Back To School shop, you will find everything you need to start the school year well prepared. Here you will find a collection of the nicest diaries, handy pencil cases, beautiful school bags, laptop sleeves and many more other school items. In short: all the gear you need to start the year right!

School Bags

During a day at school, you need to have a lot of items with you to hand. A spacious school bag is therefore vitally important. At Outdoorsupply, you will find a large collection of rucksacks in which you can easily store all your school supplies. Here at Outdoorsupply, you can find cool models from brands such as Herschel, Fjällräven, Napapijri, and many more.

Laptop Bags

You can store your laptop quickly and easily in one of our spacious laptop bags. In addition to your laptop, you can also store a lot of other things in these bags, such as books, notebooks, food, water bottles, and pencil cases. Ideal for a long day at school! The laptop bags in our collection are available in a wide range of designs, so there is always a laptop bag that suits your style.

Water Bottles

A vital accessory to have in your school bag, whether for a normal day, school trip, or when you know you have P.E., is a great water bottle. During a long day at school, it's important to have a drink with you, which is why you'll find an impressive range of water bottles in our Back To School shop. Choose between a wide range of fun, playful designs from the best brands on the market, like Sigg, Aladdin, Bobble, Asobu, and more!

Pencil Cases

Are you looking for a new pencil case for storing your pens, pencils, markers, and other tools? Then you are in the right place! Here at Outdoorsupply, you will find various beautiful pencil cases from brands such as Fjällräven, in which all your writing materials fit easily. Whether you are looking for a simple design or a cheerful print, here at Outdoorsupply, searching for your ideal case is easier than ever before!

Laptop Cases

Your laptop is probably one of the most valuable items in your bag, so of course you want to store it as safely as possible. This is possible with the laptop covers from our collection. You can choose a laptop case from Thule if you want to be sure of a sturdy frame, while Fjällräven and RAINS also have lightweight covers for laptops, iPads, and notebooks. Ideal as extra protection in your rucksack during a busy day.