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Avalanche Probes

A avalanche probe is part of the so-called "holy trinity" that you should always take with you when you go off-piste. In the case of an avalanche, a probe can significantly increase your survival chances. This is important if you get into an avalanche and a ski or snowboard companion gets buried under the snow. When you use the probe, with an average length of two metres long, you can determine the location of your companion and then dig them out with your avalanche shovel.

Avalanche Probe

A avalanche probe is a stick with an average length of two metres long, which can be folded under your clothes and is easy to carry. A probe is essential to take with you when you go off-piste, because you can save the lives of your ski or hiking partners if they get covered in snow in an avalanche. A beacon ensures that you can determine your partner's location anywhere, but by using the probe in the snow, you can accurately determine their location and help dig out your partner.