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The Australian brand Pacsafe was founded by true backpackers. The founders being the experienced travellers they are have been able to see and experience the equipment that is already in use. As a result, Pacsafe offers a beautiful line of rucksacks, travel bags, hip bags and other travel items, with safety being paramount. Such is the famous Pacsafe eXomesh® anti-theft technology. With Pacsafe bags you are guaranteed to travel safely and in comfort, whilst also in style.

Pacsafe UK

If you're looking for a high quality anti theft backpack, wallet, or suitcase, then you're in the right place. Pacsafe bags are made from the highest quality materials and incorporate many handy features that will act as deterrents to potential pickpockets. Whether via cut-resistant material, secure locks and zips, or hidden security pockets, any Pacsafe anti theft bag will certainly keep your belongings safe.