All Oakley Products

Oakley is a globally recognised brand that offers high-quality sports equipment and eye wear. The Oakley brand was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard and is named after his dog, Oakley. The brand made products with a pioneering material, called 'Unobtainium', which Jannard himself has created and patented. The material was innovative and of high quality, and with this Oakley put himself on the map. Nowadays Oakley ski goggles are still made of this material. Add an Oakley ski helmet, and Oakley ski wear to your shopping cart and you will be ready to get on the slopes!

Oakley Ski Goggles

Oakley makes innovative and high quality goggles. The Oakley High Definition Optics have lenses that offer a much sharper vision. Oakley goggles are available with HDPolarised lenses, which reduce glare and therefore prevent headaches. Not only are the ski goggles provided with quality lenses, the goggles also have a comfortable frame. Thanks to the soft foam material and adjustable frames, there is a pair of Oakley ski goggles for everyone. View our collection of the brand's most popular models, such as the Oakley Flight Deck or Oakley Airbrake.

Oakley Ski Helmets

Like the Oakley Ski Goggles, Oakley ski helmets also have a particularly high quality. The special MOD3 and the MOD5 helmet series are fully equipped with all sorts of handy extra features to ensure you can ski down the slopes as safely as possible. Some helmets are also equipped with the special MIPS system. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System provides extra protection in the event of a fall so that even the real daredevils can enjoy greater safety. Complete your skiing wardrobe with a fantastic ski helmet from this market-leading brand.

Oakley Women

The Oakley brand has a wide collection of outdoor clothing, especially suitable for ladies. For example, you can find a wide range of jackets, vests, sweaters and t-shirts on this site. But also mittens, hats and caps are available on this site. Oakley attaches great value to the production of quality clothing. The clothing must be protected against different weather conditions and also be functional, so that you can enjoy every outdoor activity to the maximum. In addition, the clothing from Oakley also looks very cool and nice, so with an Oakley ski jacket or Oakley gloves, you are sure to look great on the piste.

Oakley Men

Oakley's men's collection also includes a wide range of outdoor clothing that provides optimum protection against rain, wind, sun and other weather conditions. This way you are well prepared for any trip or adventure. This collection of clothing includes trousers, ski jackets, t-shirts and jumpers, and these are all made from durable, high quality materials. This way you can be sure that you can use and enjoy these products for a longer period of time. Thanks to years of experience, Oakley knows what is important when you go on an outdoor adventure.

Oakley Bags

The Oakley brand has a wide collection of handy backpacks and rucksacks, as well as travel bags. Oakley backpacks and travel bags are made from high quality materials and feature modern colours and designs. So you can use an Oakley rucksack for every adventure, because they can handle all sorts of different weather conditions and rugged terrain. The travel bags are often provided with a large volume, making Oakley travel bags ideal for a week away or even a month away on an extended trip. The rucksacks have different sizes and models and are provided with various useful extra features.