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Oakley is a world-renowned brand that offers high quality sports equipment, goggles and helmets. The brand was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard and is named after his dog, which was called Oakley. The brand made their equipment from an innovative material called 'Unobtainium' which Jannard created and patented himself. The material was original and high quality, and with this, Oakley was put on the map. Today, Oakley ski goggles and ski helmets are still made of this material. With a pair of Oakley snow goggles, you're sure to optimise your experience on the slopes.

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Oakley clothing is not only suitable for all your outdoor activities, but also for daily use. The clothes from this top-notch brand are very nice and also look very stylish! You can always be guaranteed of a great purchase from Oakley's winter sports assortment. Click on the images above for more information about Oakley products, including our impressive range of Oakley ski goggles.