All Salomon Products

The top-notch brand Salomon was founded in 1947 and has utilised its many years of experience to become a leading player in the outdoor clothing market. The Salomon mens and Salomon womens collections encompass a great many products groups from outdoor footwear to jackets and winter sports items. Each of their products are equipped with the latest technologies and innovative designs. Salomon products are made from durable materials and offer you excellent quality. A real must-have brand for your outdoor collection!

Salomon Winter Sports

This outdoor brand has included a large collection of winter sports articles in its assortment. Think Salomon ski helmets, Salomon ski goggles, Salomon ski jackets, and much more. These winter sports items not only provide extra protection and comfort, they also have a particularly stylish appearance. This way the ski helmets of Salomon protect your head optimally against hard knocks or blows and also look great with the rest of your ski equipment. Whether you are looking for winter sports items for boys, girls, men, or women, Salomon has included them all in their collection.

Salomon Shoes

Looking for outdoor footwear that you can wear around for hours without getting sore feet? Then you are at the right place with Salomon! Salomon's outdoor footwear collection perfectly combines comfort and quality, and are also created in beautiful designs in different colours. These shoes will complete your outdoor wardrobe and are also made from high quality, durable materials. A large part of the shoe range is also waterproof. Are you looking for more speed? Then take a look at the range of Salomon trail running shoes!

Salomon Walking Boots

Whether you're just getting into walking and hiking or your an experienced trekker, there's the perfect pair of walking boots in Salomon's collection. We here at Outdoorsupply offer enormous Salomon walking boots mens and Salomon walking boots womens collections, which means that there's something for everyone. Salomon walking shoes will make the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, as they offer optimal support, are waterproof, often breathable, and are super comfortable. Check out some of Salomon's most popular walking shoe models, including the Salomon X Ultra walking boots, right here at Outdoorsupply.

Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Alongside their impressive range of walking boots, Salomon has also designed and created an impressive collection of trail running shoes. These shoes are suitable for more challenging terrain and for when you want to pick up more speed on your outdoor adventures. These trail running shoes offer the best combination of flexibility, support, and comfort; what more could you need from a trail running shoe? Here at Outdoorsupply we offer some of the brand's most popular running shoe models, for example the Salomon XA Pro 3D trail running shoes or the Salomon Speedcross trail running shoes.

Salomon Accessories

You can also rely on Salomon if you are looking for special outdoor accessories. Think comfortable leg warmers, mittens, hats, and so much more. You can even find a sturdy rucksack or ski backpack in this great range. Salomon's products are designed by people who know about and love outdoor life, so you can be sure that the products have all kinds of handy extras. A sturdy backpack will never compromise its light weight, and a hat provides thermal insulation so that heat is wonderfully preserved. Take a look at Salomon's great accessories by clicking the link above.