All Björn Borg Products

In honour of the legendary tennis player Björn Borg, the designed Rohdi Heintz founded this Swedish sportswear brand in 1984. The company soon expanded due to their unwavering dedication and clear goals, and quickly became a success around the world. The brand has become a market leader with their iconic underwear, making an everyday clothing item a fashion statement. Today, the brand Björn Borg offers everything in the field of sportswear, casual clothing, and underwear. The brand is known for its combination of quality and fashionable style.

Björn Borg Men

Björn Borg's men's collection includes the brand's iconic boxers and underwear, polo shirts, t-shirts, and much more. Are you looking for top-notch sportswear that also offers a stylish look? Then you've found the brand for you! For years, Björn Borg has been actively producing the best and most beautiful men's clothing for both casual wear and sporty activities. Björn Borg only uses the best materials, which is reflected in every item of clothing. Durability is a number one priority for Rohdi Heintz, so you are assured of long-lasting quality in each product.

Björn Borg Women

The Björn Borg women's collection consists of a very comfortable range of sportswear. The top brand offers leggings, vest tops, t-shirts, and joggers, all of which ensure the highest quality. Björn Borg is known as one of the biggest names in the sports world and that is of course not without good reason. By using the best materials in combination with stylish designs, that the clothing has, Björn Borg has become a favourite among many famous athletes. With the Björn Borg women's collection, you are assured of high-quality sportswear that will last a very long time.

Björn Borg Underwear

Underwear is what this famous brand is best-known for. Thanks to the stylish designs and the high quality, this top brand quickly became very popular worldwide. Today, almost everyone knows the name Björn Borg and it is a market leader in the world of underwear. Björn Borg has a wide collection of boxers and briefs in different styles. Whether you prefer solid colours or stylish patterns, multi-packs or single pairs, you'll find it all and more here in the Björn Borg underwear collection!

Björn Borg Clothing

Sportswear is what Björn Borg first started designing in 1984 and what they have the most experience with. Over the years, the brand has optimised its sportswear into the high-quality clothing it offers today. The collection varies from joggers, t-shirts, polo shirts, leggings, and much more, both for men and women. The clothing is known for its high quality and durability, so that you can enjoy the fashionable, practical, comfortable items from this quality brand for a very long time.

Björn Borg Swim Shorts

In addition to boxers and sportswear, Björn Borg also offers an extensive collection of swimwear. What makes these swimwear so special is that they are not only made of the best materials, but that they also look very stylish. Björn Borg looks beyond quality, but also wants you to be fashionable. Whether you go for a nice print or prefer a solid color, with a swimsuit from this Swedish top brand you are assured of a fashionable look. Outdoorsupply offers a wide range of swimwear, take a look!