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Björn Borg Swim Shorts

Alongside their collection of sportswear for on land, Björn Borg has also produced a range of sports clothing for in the water! On the page below you will find our range of swimming trunks and swim shorts from the popular Swedish brand Björn Borg. These swimming trunks are available in a range of different designs, so whether you're sitting poolside or off for a day at the beach, you are sure to steal the show! Björn Borg swimming trunks are designed with quick-drying materials that offer freedom of movement, which means that they are also ideal as normal shorts in summer.

Björn Borg Swimwear

If you're planning on going swimming any time soon, be sure that you steal the show with a stunning pair of Björn Borg swim shorts. Björn Borg swimwear is designed to make sure that you have optimal freedom of movement, that you are very comfortable, and that the shorts dry off quickly after a dip in the pool or sea. Whether for at home or on holiday, Björn Borg swimwear is a must-have!