All Odlo Products

The brand Odlo was founded in 1946 by the Norwegian Odd Roar Lofterod Senior. The Norwegian motto was "always make sure you're one step ahead", and this core value is still reflected in the innovation of the products. The brand is now known as one of the major players in the sportswear market and offers very high quality products. Odlo offers sports clothing for the whole year, from skiing to cycling. Their clothing lines are divided into levels, so you can find clothing from this brand suitable for winter and for summer.

Odlo Men

The men's collection from Odlo includes comfortable high quality sportswear, which aims to optimise your sports performance. The brand offers aerodynamic clothing made from innovative materials that provide adequate ventilation and heat regulation, so Odlo's products are perfect for any season. For example, the brand has an X-Light, Light, Warm and X-Warm collection. The brand works according to a three-layer principle and offers a wide range of clothing for each layer.

Odlo Women

The Odlo women's collection includes a wide range of sportswear for almost any sport. The clothes are optimised and streamlined to provide you with the best possible sporting experience. The brand continuously brings out innovative designs and materials, making it a leader in the sportswear market. The brand has high quality standards, its products last a long time, and sustainability is paramount. Odlo strives to have a minimal carbon footprint, so they avoid unnecessary transport and promote the use of sustainable materials.

Odlo Base Layers

Odlo strongly believes in the three-layer principle: wearing three layers of clothes while exercising for optimal comfort. The brand offers a wide range of clothing for each layer, as well as the base layer. This layer prevents skin irritation because it has a moisture regulating effect. Also, this layer keeps the skin warm if needed due to temperature regulation properties. These base layers are made for different weather conditions and include an X-Light line, a Light line, a Warm line and an X-Warm line, so that base layers are available for every season.

Odlo Underwear

Odlo's underwear is available in different types, suitable for all weather conditions. There are also different collections, each of which has their own unique, innovative function or material use. For example, the Cubic line is lightweight and for perfect body temperature regulation, the Breathe line is made to ventilate, and the Ceramicool provides cooling properies, as it can reduce body temperature by up to 1 degree. Odlo's sports bras offer different types of support for different activities. This means that the Odlo range includes underwear for every athlete.

Odlo Cycling Clothing

The previous collections of cycling clothes from Odlo were made only for cyclists cycling on the road. However, the new collections also include models suitable for mountain bikers and off-road cyclists. This clothing has pockets and zips in convenient places, so you can easily take your personal possessions on a bike ride. Odlo's clothes have ventilation properties and have a temperature regulating effect for cycling in all weather conditions. The range of cycling clothes includes cycling shorts, cycling t-shirts and cycling jackets.