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Odlo Women

Odlo takes into account various forms and activities when it comes to sportswear. For this reason, the brand has developed three different styles of sports bras so that they can offer a perfect fit for all, and every sporting activity is included in the range. These styles are the High Ultimate Fit, made for maximum support during highly active sports, the Medium Balance Fit, with reliable support during sports with an average motion level, and the High Power Front Fit for maximum support with a front closure for very active sports. Browse the full range of Odlo women's clothing below!

Women's Odlo Clothing

Odlo sportswear is comfortable and high quality. The clothing lasts a long time when properly maintained and cared for. Sportswear should be washed after 2 to 3 uses, and can be hung outside in the meantime to air the clothing items. When washing these clothes, do not use a fabric softener, as the clothing's ventilating effect will decrease. Proper maintenance means you can use your Odlo purchases for years to come!