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Odlo Men

The Odlo men's collection includes clothes for almost every sport: from running to cycling. The brand also offers clothing for every clothing layer. The brand is based on the three-layer principle and implies that the first clothing layer must be moisture-regulating so that the clothing is comfortable despite perspiration. The second layer should control the body temperature and the third layer must provide protection against the weather. This ensures comfort so you can optimise your performance while exercising.

Men's Odlo Clothing

Odlo sportswear offers a special temperature regulating technology, which makes it healthy for your body during sports. The brand believes that a second, a millimeter or even a degree can make a difference during sports. This technology, called Ceramicool, causes body temperature to be reduced by 1 degree. This ensures that Odlo Ceramicool clothing has a cooling effect, so you can exercise in the best possible conditions.