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This brand was founded by former Swedish tennis player Björn Borg, who, together with designer Rohdi Heintz, began designing functional underwear and sports clothing to help you get the best out of your performance. Their advancements in the development of technical underwear was pioneering, and their boxers and other items of underwear and base layers have made them popular with athletes all over the world. This underwear is ideal for athletes as well as people who lead an active lifestyle and are looking for comfort from all aspects of their outfit. Browse our Björn Borg underwear collection on the page below.

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The Björn Borg brand was founded in 1984 and, while they began making a range of sports clothing, they quickly specialised in the area of underwear and developed their own concept: the Björn Borg Classic Shorts. These were created with 17 parts that were connected with comfortable, flatlock seams to ensure the ultimate fit. These iconic shorts became iconic and are the basis for their future designs.