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The brand Stanley PMI was founded in 1913 by William Stanley Junior. He had invented a unique technique allowing drinks to be kept chilled or warm for up to 24 hours. More than 100 years later, this technique is still unmatched by any other brand. The products are of outstanding quality, including lunch boxes, thermos mugs, water bottles and travel mugs. You will receive the steel thermos with a lifetime warranty. The range has been greatly expanded in 100 years, and in addition thermos brand has different attributes that are indispensable for the true adventurer.

Stanley UK

As early as 1913, Stanley PMI was founded by William Stanley Junior. He thanked a unique technique that liquor could be cooled or kept warm for up to 24 hours. To this day this technique is unmatched by any other brand. The products are all top quality and are produced with great care for you. Select your preferences in the filter on the left.

Stanley Flask

The brand Stanley is well known for their collection of thermal flasks. Thermos bottles from Stanley have classic designs and come with various different capacities to make sure that there is a Stanley Thermos that suits everyone. The best thing about these thermoses is that they work both ways; they can either keep your drink hot, or keep a drink fresh and cold. That means that Stanley Thermoses are suitable for the whole year round.

Stanley Lunch Box

Alongside their range of thermos flasks, Stanley has also included a collection of lunch boxes and food containers in their assortment. This includes both models designed for keeping food cool, as well as vacuum packed containers for retaining heat. With a lunch box from Stanley, you will be able to enjoy a warm meal during adventures in colder weather or a lovely, cool meal if its hot. With containers available in different sizes, you will be able to take enough for just yourself, or for all your companions!