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Schöffel Women

Schöffel has over 200 years of experience in designing and developing clothing for outdoor activities. That means that you can rely on the fact that each item of clothing has been produced by people with decades of collated knowledge and expertise about what is required of outdoor clothing for a range of activities. The clothing from this brand is also produced with modern and innovative materials that help to contribute to an amazing experience while hiking, skiing, or doing any other outdoor activity. Browse our collection of Schöffel clothing for women on the page below and find the perfect items for your outdoor wardrobe.

Schöffel Womens Clothing

The materials used for Schöffel clothing are consciously chosen for the different characteristics and qualities that they can provide, which ensures that each item of clothing is fit for purpose. Schöffel clothing is flexible and stretchy, so your freedom of movement is not inhibited, as well as being waterproof, breathable, and wonderfully warm, so you will always be dry, warm, and comfortable, no matter the weather.