All Regatta Products

Regatta has been developing high quality products for the outdoor market for years. Regatta products are highly durable and functional, essential in the great outdoors. In our assortment, we have included Regatta clothing, Regatta bags, Regatta shoes, Regatta camping equipment, and other outdoor necessities. Are you looking for products that will complete your outdoor experience? Then take a look our range of Regatta products, and be sure to check out our Regatta outlet to find the best deals!

Regatta Fleece

If you're looking for an extra layer for an outdoor outfit, or just for when it gets colder in the winter months, Regatta has included a great range of fleece jackets in its assortment. With models available in all shapes and sizes, and in a very wide variety of colours and designs, you can be sure that there's something to suit everyone's needs in this collection. Click on the link above to have a look at and find out more about these great products, so you can find the perfect Regatta fleece for you.

Regatta Clothing

Regatta has included a broad collection of outdoor clothing in its assortment. The collection of outdoor clothing from Regatta that is available on Outdoorsupply includes, among other things, Regatta trousers, fleeces, t-shirts, body warmers, swimwear, rainwear and sportswear. The clothes are made from high quality materials and have beautiful, contemporary designs. Outdoorsupply offers Regatta clothing for men, women, and children, so that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Regatta Shoes

Are you looking for walking boots with optimal comfort, or a pair of sandals to complete your summer look? Then take a look at the collection of Regatta shoes available on Outdoorsupply. Shoes from Regatta are made only with the best quality materials, which ensures several things; these shoes will last a for a very long time, the materials will retain their quality over time, and the shoes will be incredibly comfortable. With Regatta shoes, you can walk and hike for hours with ease.

Regatta Jacket

Regatta has an extensive collection of jackets in all sorts of models, colours and sizes. The collection from Regatta includes winter jackets, waterproof jackets, summer jackets, and raincoats. The jackets in this collection are of a high quality and have been specifically designed to be worn for outdoor adventures. They are ideal for wearing during walks in the woods or on a hiking trip, but they are also perfect for day-to-day activities. View our collection of Regatta men's jackets and Regatta women's jackets here.

Regatta Camping

Regatta is an outdoor brand by nature, and for a long time has been focused on designing and producing a number of outdoor products. Their collection of camping equipment in particular is very extensive. The Regatta collection of camping equipment available on Outdoorsupply consists of sleeping bags, tables, tent pegs, tent carpets, thermos flasks, airbeds, travel lamps, ground sheets, tableware, cutlery, and much more. You'll find everything you need to make your outdoor trip a success!