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All Regatta Products

All Regatta products

Regatta is one of the most well known outdoor brands and has been in business since 1981. They have a large range of outdoor clothing, hiking boots and outdoor gear, including daypacks, backpacks, and travel bags. All Regatta products are produced with functionality and design in mind. So when you buy a Regatta coat, jacket, or other clothing and outdoor products, you can be confident that they will be able to handle any adventure!

Regatta UK

Regatta is a British brand that has been a leading company in outdoor clothing and products for many years. The company is known for their brilliant, high quality products and diverse assortment. Looking for products to complete your outdoor wardrobe and equipment? Then with Regatta you're in the right place!

Regatta Clothing

At Outdoorsupply, we stock a very large collection of clothing from this top notch British brand. Whether you're looking for a Regatta fleece, t-shirt, or a pair of trousers or shorts, you will find an impressive selection of clothing items in a range of colours, sizes and designs, all made to a very high standard. Complete your outdoor look with Regatta clothing!

Regatta Jacket

Within their elaborate clothing range, Regatta has a beautiful collection of coats and jackets for men, women, and children. This collection includes raincoats, winter jackets, waterproof jackets, summer jackets, and much more. These jackets are made for wearing on outdoor hikes and adventures, but are also perfect for your daily activities. With a Regatta coat or jacket, you will be ready for any weather!

Regatta Fleece

Sometimes in Spring or Autumn, a thick winter coat is too warm for the weather, but it is still a bit too cold to brave it without an outer later. That's when you need a really great fleece. Within their assortment, Regatta has designed an extensive, beautiful range of fleeces. Soft and warm, a Regatta fleece will make a great addition to your outdoor wardrobe.

All this and more from Regatta right here at Outdoorsupply. Be sure to view our full Regatta assortment!